Bellingham Birth Center


Join Us For Our 1000th Baby and 10-Year Anniversary Party on October 5th

10 years and 1000+ babies after Ina May Gaskin cut our “umbicial cord” at Bellingham Birth Center’s Grand Opening in 2004, our center is happily humming along.  We have a great crew of midwives, doulas, and birth assistants, several expert cleaners and landscapers, and many many happy babies and families to show for the community’s collective hard more »

Shocking News: Study Looks at 3/4 of a Million Home Births and Finds it is (STILL) a Safe Option for Mothers and Babies

  A recently published article on the safety of planned home birth seemed newsworthy to me and inspired me to venture into the world of “blog posts” ~ something that did not exist when I started practicing midwifery in 2002. The sarcasm evident in my “post title” reflects how tired I am at the misunderstanding more »