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Ina May Gaskin Podcast

This podcast is an excellent way to spend 25 minutes, especially if you can relate to having to adapt your “birth plan” due to a complicated birth.  It is a conversation between Ina May Gaskin and a woman who feels like a failure due to a difficult birth which ended in a cesarean.  As a midwife, it more »

Join Us For Our 1000th Baby and 10-Year Anniversary Party on October 5th

10 years and 1000+ babies after Ina May Gaskin cut our “umbicial cord” at Bellingham Birth Center’s Grand Opening in 2004, our center is happily humming along.  We have a great crew of midwives, doulas, and birth assistants, several expert cleaners and landscapers, and many many happy babies and families to show for the community’s collective hard more »

Shocking News: Study Looks at 3/4 of a Million Home Births and Finds it is (STILL) a Safe Option for Mothers and Babies

  A recently published article on the safety of planned home birth seemed newsworthy to me and inspired me to venture into the world of “blog posts” ~ something that did not exist when I started practicing midwifery in 2002. The sarcasm evident in my “post title” reflects how tired I am at the misunderstanding more »

Water Birth

Bellingham Birth Center

What sounds better than slipping into a warm bath during labor and letting your body float, relax, and open?  How wonderful, too, that this act of soaking in a warm bath actually helps labor progress more efficiently.  Just as the heat of a bath helps relax muscles after a day of gardening, the warm water more »

No Unnecessary Interventions

Gentle Hands Midwifery

In some hospitals, routine interventions such as depriving the mother of food and drink during labor, mandatory IVs, frequent inductions, and continuous fetal monitoring with the mother laying in bed, often cause many of the complications that result in an excessive number of cesarean sections and other perceived emergencies. “Failure to progress,” the most common more »