We are very pleased to welcome Rebecca Bartsch, MSM, LM, IBCLC back to the group of licensed midwives privileged at Bellingham Birth Center, bringing our total number of midwifery practices up to 6!  Rebecca is a licensed midwife as well as a lactation consultant, so she is extra capable of helping with lactation.








In her own words, “I get to witness parents meeting their children for the first time, siblings meeting their new best friend…love at its best. I see lactation consulting as an extension of my role as midwife. After all, the real adventure begins when the baby arrives, and this is when parents need support and guidance the most.”

Bellingham Birth Center is what’s called an “open model” birth center, which means we offer privileges to individual local licensed midwifery practices, who then in turn may offer the choice of birth center birth to their clients.  How it works is that clients choose which midwife they connect most with, and then that is the person they see throughout the pregnancy, at the birth, and through 6 weeks postpartum.  To learn more about Rebecca or schedule a consultation, visit her website, which is www.wildsagemidwifery.com.


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