Licensed Midwives in Washington State can administer medications to remedy postpartum hemorrhage (pitocin, TXA, misoprostol, methergine), anaphylaxis (epinephrine), severe hypertension (magnesium sulfate), and fetal distress (terbutaline). They can also provide antibiotics and IV fluids, if required, and have catheters, resuscitation equipment, and oxygen on hand.  Midwives also carry equipment to suture vaginal tears, including local anesthetic (lidocaine.) These interventions are rarely necessary, but it is important to have access to them if the need arises.

Our birth center also offers nitrous oxide, an effective short-acting pain medication.  See our FAQ page for more information about this option by clicking HERE.

Additional information about the re-emerging profession of midwifery is available on the MAWS website at:

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