Licensed midwives see their clients regularly for prenatal care, on the usual schedule. During the months of pregnancy, there is ample time for individualized education and counseling. Midwives partner with their clients to develop a trusting relationship focusing on the clients’ hopes, fears, and preferences. This results in confident, supported labor and birth.

Midwives offer lab work, ultrasounds, and other prenatal testing, as well as continuous care during labor and birth, at least one home visit during the first week postpartum, and regular office visits until six weeks postpartum. Prenatal and postpartum visits with licensed midwives allow plenty of time for questions and discussions about testing options, the deeper aspects of pregnancy, and the transition to parenthood. All the licensed midwives privileged at Bellingham Birth Center offer free initial consultations, during which prospective clients can question the midwife and get a feel for her individual style.


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